The Gentle Barn

Farm Animal Sanctuary

The Gentle Barn is a 6 acre animal welfare organization with almost 200 rescued animals - located just north of us in Santa Clarita, CA. As a plant powered family, we fully align with The Gentle Barn mission of “Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and Our Planet”, which is why Creative Arts Farm supports The Gentle Barn as an Animal Sponsor for Karma the cow, an 18 year old bundle of pure love. Through the support of Animal Sponsors and other contributions, The Gentle Barn is able to provide continued care to rescued animals, educational resources, and family-friendly events to our community.

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Lluvia y Fuego Productions & Mariachi

Music Production & Mariachi Academy

Lluvia y Fuego is committed to assisting people of all ages express themselves through music, performance, and creativity. Be it guitarron, violin, guitar, or voice - Lluvia y Fuego is able to guide you on your music journey with ease. 

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Long Beach Grocery Co-Op

Community Owned Grocery Store

We are proud Owner/Members of Long Beach Grocery Co-Op and believe in their mission of supporting local agriculture and small businesses. Currently LBGC is gaining momentum on securing a location for a brick and mortar store and we are so excited! To learn more about Long Beach Grocery Co-Op and to become an Owner/Member click below.

Yoga Behind Bars

Trauma Informed Yoga for Incarcerated Youth & Adults

Yoga Behind Bars shares yoga and meditation with incarcerated youth and adults to help support personal transformation and a more just society for all. With a focus on Trauma Sensitive yoga, the Yoga Behind Bars team has trained nearly 700 individuals, including 15 incarcerated yoga teachers. Creative Arts Farm is a committed Virtual Ambassador for Yoga Behind Bars, and we have partnered with them for their upcoming annual virtual fundraiser, "The Power of Community". With a goal of $85,000 this fundraiser directly supports increasing the wellness of incarcerated youth and adults as they rebuild their lives.

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