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Surround Sound - In Person

An Immersive Group Sound Bath, Vocal & Piano Mindfulness Experience

  • 2 hr
  • Starting at $444
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Breathe with ease as Siri Lorece, Daniel Kirkpatrick and special guests guide you in an immersive group sound bath, vocal, piano, asana and meditation experience. "Surround Sound" is available in person: Los Angeles, Orange County, and travel for special events (i.e. music & yoga fests). About Sound Healing: Sound healing utilizes sound vibrations through instrumentation and vocalization as a means to relax and heal the mind and body. Sound Healing is a 2000+ year old Tibetan practice intended to help induce deep relaxation. Tibetan Singing bowls, chimes, gongs, and pitched percussion are a few well-known instruments in sound healing and come in a range of sound frequencies (music notes), with each frequency intended to restore the body at a cellular level. Sound Healing is known to increase creativity, reduce anxiety, improve relaxation, and balance the body's energetic systems (chakras).  About Pranayama: Pranayama is essential to the mental and physical practice of yoga. When practicing Pranayama, inhalation and exhalation happen smoothly and gently. While engaging the diaphragm, the breath exchange begins at the abdomen, moving to the rib cage, and lastly through the chest. We will practice equal inhalation and exhalation at your own pace. How Pranayama assists in wellness: Anxiety & Stress - A calm mind and calm body go hand in hand. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are stimulated when practicing Pranayama helping regulate the body's natural fight or flight response, as well as assisting in regulating digestion, blood, and the immune system.  Awareness - Breathwork is intended to help increase overall awareness. Through a regulated breathing practice, when practiced in repetition, breathwork becomes second nature and a part of your regular breathing pattern. Through breathwork you will find an increased synchronization of your overall awareness, which will assist in keeping your energy calm and allow you the availability to release anything that no longer serves you. Policies: Any direct duplication of services, text, and/or terminology used through communications regarding or by Creative Arts Farm, LLC is prohibited. Please contact us via email within 72 hours to cancel a session. Cancellations are charged a 10% Cancellation Fee. To reschedule, a new reservation must be made. Base pricing starts at $444 and is customized per event thereafter. Preferred Attendance: 10-50+ guests

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