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Personalized Sound Bath Download

Self-Paced music and mindfulness through sound healing frequencies

  • 15 min
  • 44.44 US dollars
  • Emailed Download

Service Description

Breathe with ease as Siri utilizes sound healing instruments to intuitively guide you through a personalized recorded sound bath meditation - specific to you. Reserving Your Sound Bath: At check out, select the calendar date and time you would like to receive your recording. You will be emailed your offering by the date selected (at the latest). Please indicate in the notes section if there is a specific intention or focus you would like to set for our practice. Includes: One 15 min sound bath audio recording available to download, as well as a personalized letter about your sound bath wellness, with additional tips to extend the good vibes (via email). About Sound Healing: Sound healing utilizes sound vibrations through instrumentation and vocalization as a means to relax and heal the mind and body. Sound Healing is a 2000+ year old Tibetan practice intended to help induce deep relaxation. Tibetan Singing bowls are well-known in sound healing and come in a range of sound frequencies (music notes), with each frequency intended to restore the body at a cellular level. Sound Healing is known to increase creativity, reduce anxiety, improve relaxation, and balance the body's energetic systems (chakras).  A few of our Sound Healing Instruments: Tongue Drum, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bells, Shakers, Drums, Chimes, Alumina Bars and more <3 Suggested Comfort Companions: come as you are or include a blanket, bolster, cushion or pillows, eye pillow, yoga mat, massage ball, yoga mat. Policies: Reservations are final. No refunds or Cancellations. Any direct duplication of services (virtually or in person) or text used through communications regarding or by Creative Arts Farm, LLC is prohibited.

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