Taking care of yourself while caring for the planet is important to our mission of Sowing Seeds of Wellness at Creative Arts Farm.

Below you will find our resource guide of small businesses that we partner with as Brand Ambassadors who support our wellness and ability to live sustainably.

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Go Power!

Mobile Power & RV Solar

Go Power! offers high-quality solar chargers, inverters, controllers, and power accessories providing dependable, and cost-effective solutions for mobile power needs.

Solar energy is one of the most cost-effective solutions to living sustainably or providing renewable energy to your mobile business.

Be it a tiny house, off-grid camping, RV, or mobile business, Go Power! can assist you in your environmentally conscious energy needs.

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Berkey Filters

World Leader in Water Purification

Berkey is the world leader in reliable and user-friendly portable water purification systems. Perfect for your tiny house, RV, traditional home, on the go, and especially for your emergency kit! Basically, Berkey is our jam! 


Having access to safe and clean water is a challenge when living a sustainable partially off-grid lifestyle, and we are grateful to Berkey for allowing our family the safety needed to keep our water easily accessible and fresh!

Berkey is a family owned company, passionate about raising the awareness of water quality concerns and insuring your water is healthy. 

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Eco-Friendly Kitchenware

Ecozoi’s mission is to redefine lifestyle with eco-safe and healthy products that help create sustainable happiness.


One of our favorite items from Ecozoi, is the reusable popsicle molds! They're perfect for kids and endless fun.

When your old kitchenware is ready to be replaced, consider ethically sourced alternatives from Ecozoi. and help keep our planet safe and oceans clean by supporting this fantastic minority owned small family business!  Ecozoi ready to help you live more sustainably today!


Eco-Friendly Cork Recovery Tools

Rawlogy's sustainable cork mobility tools are for anyone who desires to feel better within your body through massage. 


We love including Rawlogy massage balls as the perfect companion to Creative Arts Farm Restorative Yoga offerings. Whether you're practicing self or partner massage these eco-friendly mobility sets can assist in your physical wellness.


Rawlogy is a LGBTQ Family Owned Small Business who supports natural wellness and they #GiveaShit about the environment by pledging 5% of their profits to Public Lands. 



Outdoor Products

Whether you are cultivating, cooking, camping, or exploring, Barebones has you covered with goods to elevate your outdoor experience.

As minimalists and homesteaders it is important for us to use items that support our lifestyle in multiple ways. That is why we partnered with Barebones to share the goodness of their nature inspired offerings with you!

Barebones is donating $20 in sales from each limited edition Hori Hori Ultimate & Sheath purchase to non-profits who are actively working to make outdoor spaces in the United States more accessible and safe for BIPOC communities. This is an on-going program in place until all 2,800+ Hori Hori sets are sold.

If you're looking to add more nature to your life and aren't sure where to start for supplies - this is for you!


Zula Essentials

CBD Wellness

Zula Essentials is a black woman owned wellness brand, with a delicious variety of CBD offerings to support your self-care.


Because women's mental health is important to Zula Essentials, a portion of revenue is donated to the Loveland Therapy Foundation, which provides access to therapy for black women and girls - established by

Rachel Cargle.

Use code SIRI10 to receive a 10% discount to begin your Zula Essentials wellness journey today.

Simply Earth

Toxin-Free Aromatherapy

Sourced from ethical farms,

Simply Earth is a woman owned small business, providing 100% pure essential oils and accessories.


We include Simply Earth products in our homemade bath & body products - and they're outstanding!

Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits to organizations that help rescue and support victims of human trafficking.

Use code SIRIFREE to receive a free $40 e-gift card with your first essential oil recipe box subscription (plus a free bonus recipe box!)

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