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Our Homestead

Living Tiny in Los Angeles

We believe in cultivating the sustainable life of your dreams at any size. For us, we have found comfort in a rented 225sqft THOW (tiny house on wheels). We began our downsizing journey in 2014 and committed to living tiny almost 2 years ago. We are partially off-grid situated in a residential neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA - powered by GoPower! Mobile Solar.

As we move forward with acquiring land to expand Creative Arts Farm, we are designing our eclectic forever tiny farm home which we plan to build ourselves. For more behind the scenes of our tiny homestead, subscribe to our audio/visual newsletter "Sustainability & Self-Care" 

where we share more about how we live sustainably, how you can begin your journey to low waste living, and more!

We look forward to Sowing Seeds of Wellness with you.

The Creative Arts Farm Family